Jumpstart your fundraising campaign

Get fundraising shot, squeezed into a concentrated week of one-on-one sessions designed by investors.

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It's like a gym for founders, just with much faster results.

Get equipped with a strong pitch, step by step execution plan and ready to use marketing materials and investors list. No generic advice, no group sessions, only bespoke fundraising tools, and strategy.


Design step by step plan

Develop an effective fundraising strategy based on your stage, industry and startup identity. Apply the right benchmarking and market insights.


Prepare pitch that sells 

Look at your pitch with investors' eyes. Find weak spots in the presentation. Keep the story flow and learn to answer "burning questions".


Build investors network

Research and build a list of targeted investors. Create groups, plan outreach and learn how to coordinate conversations.


Launch fundraising campaign

Apply tools to organize your schedule and fundraising process to run your marathon effectively.

Everything in one week.

We will guide you through every step.

How well are you prepared?

Top acceleration programs dedicate weeks of extensive training on building fundraising skills and setting up the fundraising process.

Who will benefit from the Fundraising Sprint? 

  • Post-Market Fit Tech Startups.

  • Founders, who learn from the mistakes of others.

  • Teams that don't have a year to fundraise.


More than 500 hours of founders' time proudly saved. 

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